How To Give Back To A System That Has Helped You Grow

There's a vast startup ecosystem developing in Toronto, making the city a fresh new canvas for growth.

As owner to a company that occupies this space I get the privilege to be amongst all the passion that gets hand crafted into every new idea.

It’s something you can’t help but admire.

This startup ecosystem has offered us support and helped us grow from grass-roots entrepreneurs into a sustainable organization gaining international recognition. Through this we have developed a kind of kinship with the other companies in the startup space. A bond that comes from knowing what it’s like to create something…from nothing.

This is why we like to give back, to help startup owners advertise and grow their businesses when otherwise, they would not be able to.

Here's an ad we shot for a cool new audio company (MIKA Audio) using top-of-the-line cameras. Below that is what MIKA had to say.

Fun fact: The last scene turned into a rather memorable Wrap Party!

Shooting Catalog With The Best Of 'Em

What could be said about our production team that hasn't already been said about Canadian advertising: We're diverse in every way and know how to mobilize a budget.

We would like to let everyone know that the talented professionals who make up our production team are available to produce photography AND video content for online/offline catalogs. It is also worth mentioning that we do so at competitive rates. 

For inquires please message us at


ALS Ice Challenge


Dan from West&SOCIAL thought he could avoid the ALS challenge. Think again Dan. Nobody can avoid the ALS challenge.


This challenge is taking the world by storm so we figured we would do something special while having a lot of fun along the way. Special thanks go to Brian Hamilton at Jupiter Spin and our very own Dan Slater for being such a good sport. 


…..And of course, Mike Ho